“The programs at CPC has
helped my children to learn
social interaction and has given them a solid foundation on which to grow.”

~ Mrs. Chou

Our Vision:

1) Invigorating and building upon our existing congregation.

2) Reaching out to the local community and

3) Developing member and adherents through exisiting and future Christian education programs.


What We Believe...

(Taken from “Living Faith: A Statement of Christian Belief” from our denomination the Presbyterian Church in Canada)

In every generation the church needs to confess its faith anew. That confession must at one and the same time be the ancient faith of the church and yet spoken into the mood and questions of its own time. Living Faith endeavors to do that. This Statement of Christian belief was prepared under the direction of the Committee on Church Doctrine of The Presbyterian Church in Canada. It has been received by the General Assembly of that Church and commended as an acceptable statement and as useful in both worship and study.
While arising out of the Canadian Presbyterian experience, it is hoped that the statement speaks to a much wider circle than one denomination, and to people outside the church. Here, perhaps for the first time, a confessional statement recognizes doubt, and in the midst of its ringing affirmation of Christian truth acknowledges the difficulties of belief and the ambiguities of the life of faith.

In writing this document the authors have tried to be in contact with people where they are today. Thus the statement speaks not only of God's work in Christ, but also of sex, war, the economy, the family and justice. We believe that all this is fitting in a faith which has as its central affirmation the great truth that "God was in Christ reconciling the world unto himself." The living God became the person of Christ and walked in our midst in a world that to an astonishing extent shared many of the same problems we do now. If God could get involved with the grim fabric of life, then so can God's church! So too, must the faith we confess.
The inspiration for the style and general outline of Living Faith comes from A Declaration of Faith of The Presbyterian Church in the United States. Some use has also been made of modern statements such as The Confession of 1967 of The United Presbyterian Church in the U.S.A. and others listed in the notes. We are grateful for permission to use these statements. The committee responsible for Living Faith always had in mind the great Reformed Confessions such as the Westminster Confession, the Scots Confession and the Heidelberg Catechism. In the end the statement is our own, reflecting our own needs and experiences.
In 1536 George Wishart, the first teacher of the Scottish Reformation, translated a Confession of Faith. Part of his introduction to that statement is appropriate today: "It is not our mind to prescribe a certain rule of the faith to all churches, for we know no other rule of faith but the Holy Scriptures; and therefore we are well contented with those who agree with these things although they use another manner of speaking." It was our pleasure to use these words at the present time, that we might delcare our opinion in our religion and worshipping of God. The truth will have the upper hand.

Please download and read our statements of Faith reflected in the titles below:
1. God
2. God, Creator and Ruler
3. God in Christ
4. God the Holy Spirit
5. The Bible
6. Faith
7. God's Church
8. Our Life in Christ
9. The Church Reaches Out
10. Our Hope in God
Living Faith is also available in French (Foi-vivante).

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