"Once I joined the music team I felt like I was really a part of our church community and I enjoyed being able to give back in some sort of way."

~ Music Team Member

What's your passion?

If you've longed to be part of the fun, contact one of our music team leaders and let them know you'd like to play!

College 'N Career Music Team

This music team is led by Greg and is made up of people in their early to mid 20's. They are passionate about worshiping Christ through music.

Contemporary Music Team

Our Contemporary Music Team leads twice a month at our Sunday Service. Whether it is through guitar, violin, piano or voice, our community looks forward to worshiping Christ.

Traditional Bible Song and Hymns

Recognizing that there are different styles of worship, we have decided to embrace this diversity by worshiping Christ through hymns once a month.

Music Teams

At Chinese Presbyterian, we have three music teams that help lead us on our Sunday service.  Our music team plays different styles, including traditional hymns and contemporary worship songs.  This is so that we might meet the need of our community as we come together and worship the Lord.

If you are interested in becoming part of one these music teams, please contact info@vancpc.ca and let us know!

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